Designed for efficiency, our 133,000 square foot manufacturing facility is organized in sections that maximize our workflow. With most of our signage manufactured in-house, our streamlined process and strict quality control standards enhance speed, precision and the integrity of your signage program.

Interactive Facility Map

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Large-Format Printing

Our large-format printing capabilities allow us to print directly onto a variety of materials and serves as an integral part of our operation. With our large-scale printing, we’re able to deliver perfectly-matched colors, impeccable detail, and museum-quality prints on even the largest sheets of material.

Graphics & Vinyl Department

Our Graphics and Vinyl department manages your project’s design files and engineered drawings for printing and application on a range of materials with a wide variety of advanced equipment.

"The Zone" Media Center

When you have teams of creative people, you need plenty of creative spaces. “The Zone” Media Center is one of the areas where our teams gather to collaborate, pitch ideas and more.

Signature LED Room

Our Signature LED room is where we showcase and evaluate our different letter sets, illumination options and more.

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Purchasing & Operations

Before we begin welding sheet metal or prepping paints, our experienced Purchasing and Operations team gets to work sourcing and securing the right materials and logistical workflow for your program’s exact specifications.

Shipping, Building, Packing & Storage

We are committed to continually reducing our impact on the environment and encouraging our customers, suppliers and other stakeholders to do the same.

Laser Cutting

Our laser cutting technology relies on a high-power laser to cut through non-metallic materials with pin-point precision. This technology also allows us to deliver multiple cuttings from a single piece of material, maximizing the resources we’re using while minimizing the waste generated through production.

Waterjet Cutting

Our waterjet cutting technology utilizes an incredibly high-pressure jet of water to cut through virtually any material with laser-like precision. This enables us to bring intricate designs to life even on the most sensitive of materials, without enduring the high heat generated through other means of cutting.

CNC Machining

Our CNC Machining area is where your signage program’s designs and engineered drawings meet high-tech automation and production. With these massive routers,  we’re able to marry our precise design work with the large-scale raw materials that go into a signage program.


Once materials have been machined and prepped for production, our expert team of welders and fabricators work to connect the dots and bring your signs to life as your project takes shape.

Signature LED Receiving & Testing (UL)

Signature LED products produce exceptionally vibrant illumination within an energy efficient, maintenance-free unit.

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Prototype Review Area

From site assessment and planning to design, fabrication, and installation, we’re the one-stop shop trusted by the world’s most recognizable brands to meet all their signage needs.

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Pre-Paint Prep

Before our fabricated signs can be painted, they’ve got to be prepped. This is where we grind, sand, and smooth the surfaces of our signage before giving it that custom color and shine.

Post Paint Curing and Finishing

After your project makes its way through paint, it will stop in our curing and finishing area where it will be fully inspected and detailed before eventually making its way to shipping.

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Paint Booths

With three automotive-grade paint booths and a high-end paint color matching system, our expert paint team is able to achieve incredible results.

  • 3 Automotive-Grade Low Bake Oven Spray Booths
  • Akzo Nobel and Matthews Paint Color Matching Systems

Fabrication Area

After the surveys, brand books and designs have been completed, it’s time for fabrication. Here, our skilled craftsman use the world’s most advanced manufacturing equipment to bend metal, carve resins, and turn raw materials into branded reality.

Electrical Area & UL Certification

We love to see your brand shine brightly – but before we flip the switch – we put each unit that we build through a series of rigorous electrical tests and certifications to ensure that your signage operates safely and reliably for years to come.

Design Department

Before the first sign is manufactured, our design team is at work – creating, modifying, or developing your brand. Attention to every detail ensures the consistency and integrity of your brand is maintained.

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Upper Management

Our employees are like family. Most have been with us for more than ten years. This helps us ensure quality down the line. Because when people care and take pride in the work they do, the product is always better.

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Project Management

Good communication is the key to success in any project. When you’re manufacturing and installing complex signage programs in multiple countries, you have to be on top of every detail.

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