Executive Leadership

  • Martin C. BrownChief Executive Officer

    Applying the extensive manufacturing knowledge learned from a lifetime working in the sign industry and his own passion for fostering long term relationships, Marty has led Colite in becoming a sign manufacturer with an international network second to none. A graduate of the University of Notre Dame with a BS in Finance, he inspires everyone at Colite to perform their duties at the highest level with his vision, insight, and knowledge.

    Marty is proudly serving as the Chairman of the Board for Homeworks of America. Homeworks repairs the homes of homeowners in need, assists youth in their development, and empowers members to take care of their communities.

  • Peter M. BrownPresident

    Inheriting his family’s passion for the signage business, Peter is the driving force constantly improving our process, performance, and cutting edge technology. His strict adherence to quality metrics standards has led to our successful relationships creating signage programs for some of the largest corporate, hospitality and retail brands in the business. A graduate of the University of Notre Dame with a BS in Engineering, Peter’s expertise has helped Colite evolve into one of the premier signage manufacturers in the world.
  • Roger L. StallingsExecutive Vice President

    With decades of industry experience managing large-scale signage and construction projects worldwide, including more than 12 years working in Asia and the Middle East, Roger now leads the day-to-day operations of our Project Management Team. A graduate of Louisiana Tech University with a BS in Business Administration, his insistence on strict quality standards ensure we consistently exceed client expectations.
  • Kevin M. McNerneySenior Vice President Sales and Marketing

    E kmcnerney@colite.com
    P (803) 935.9044
    M (803) 212.8569
    Kevin came to Colite with a 25-year track record of success in sales and business development for both the healthcare and signage industry. A graduate of the University of Central Florida and a former logistics officer in the United States Marine Corps, his talent in understanding clients’ needs continually leads to outstanding service and innovative solutions. He has helped Colite cultivate new clients, expand our global presence and re-organize the sales, business development, and marketing teams.
  • Dave KurigerVice President of Finance

    With over a decade of executive-level financial leadership experience, Dave brings a wealth of knowledge to Colite’s Finance and Accounting Department. Skilled in working with both service and manufacturing businesses, his expertise enables Colite to streamline its workflow and maximize cost efficiency.