Energy Solutions

Is your business missing an opportunity to lower your energy costs while reducing its impact on the environment?

That’s the question our engineers, product managers and business partners ask every day. We’re continually seeking ways to help our customers maximize their efficiency, reduce operational costs and modernize their signage and lighting systems by switching to renewable energy sources.

It all comes down to innovation. We’ve built a legacy creating innovative signage. Now, through Colite Next, we’re extending our knowledge and capabilities beyond, to create new solutions for the challenges you face. From off-grid lighting solutions for parking lots to monitoring systems that maximize efficiency and LED retrofits to save energy costs and last longer than traditional lights, we are building products for a powerful future.

Learn more about the newest products we’ve developed that not only improve your bottom line, they make a positive impact on our planet. Call 803-926-7926 to for a plan that can save you energy costs now and in the future.