Project Management

Good communication is the key to success in any project. When you’re manufacturing and installing complex signage programs in multiple countries, you have to be on top of every detail.

That’s why, depending on the size, scale and requirements of your signage, you will be assigned either a dedicated project manager or a project team to oversee the program. Your project manager will handle the day-to-day details, act as the liaison between you and our various departments, and communicate with you throughout the process.

Your project manager will anticipate any roadblocks and coordinate all the details, including surveys, signage design, permitting, production, and installation. They will ensure every milestone is met to your complete satisfaction.

Our project managers are all seasoned pros, skilled planners, masters of control, and time management. But you’re the one in the driver’s seat. You decide when and how often they report to you. And you can check the progress of your program any time through our customizable online client portal that tracks your project in real time.

Colite’s Project Management Tool

In all aspects of project management, communication is vital to a project’s success. Colite’s innovative management portal is a tool that allows for transparency throughout every phase of your project.

Features include



Your project is always our top priority

Rest assured, progress reports and important correspondence are always available right at your fingertips, including access to:

  • Engineering specifications and drawings
  • Detail survey information for each site, including photographs
  • Sign recommendation drawings (including ability to approve and request revisions)
  • Detailed scope-of-work and bid forms
  • Presentation of bids
  • Reporting and live updates of milestone events
  • Payment tracking and accounting system interfacing
  • Punch list inspection reports with photographs
  • Hall GladdenSenior Project Manager, Retail Accounts

    P (803)935.9057
    M (803) 767.6566
    Hall Gladden has over 20 years’ experience as a Project Manager and Senior Project Manager in the sign industry. He has worked with Colite since 2002 specializing in retail accounts on five continents for clients that include Cartier, Gap, Tiffany & Co, and Hugo Boss. Hall served in the United States Army as a paratrooper and combat engineer. He holds a BA in Government and International Studies from the University of South Carolina.
  • Liz PerezSenior Project Manager, Corporate Accounts

    P (803) 935.9035
    M (803) 451.1972
    Liz has been with Colite as a Senior Project Manager since January 2007 with a focus in corporate identity programs. Her expertise of cultural sensitivities, dual language requirements, and being bilingual in Spanish has been instrumental in managing numerous large-scale international programs such as: Dell, IBM, Apple, Novelis, Cisco, CA, Dentons, Xylem, and Allegion. Liz graduated from the University of Minnesota with Bachelor degrees in both Spanish and Business.