Before the first sign is manufactured, our design team is at work – creating, modifying, or developing your brand. Attention to every detail ensures the consistency and integrity of your brand is maintained.

For some customers we start with the minimum, working with their new or existing logo to design a family of signs. Others have comprehensive brand guidelines established and we work with their Brand Manager to implement a program that is in total compliance with their guidelines. Our in-house design team is experienced, flexible, and takes its direction from you.

Our design team in action.

We’ve designed a lot of signs in our day, but none is more special than yours. That’s why our designers’ first step is an in-depth meeting with your assigned Colite Project Manager to understand the unique scope, scale and objectives before creating your signage specifications.

Our designers then create a customized menu of signage products, the sign family, to meet your needs and ensure consistency with your brand standards. Construction drawings and  prototypes are next, bringing your signs to life, so you can review and approve them before we press on.