Branding through Signage

Colite’s Clients in Interbrand’s Top 100

Colite’s Clients in Interbrand’s Top 100

When a company decides to launch a new brand, spin off to a new company, combine brands, or completely scrap their old brand for a revision, there are many factors and obstacles to consider. One major factor that usually doesn’t come to mind is signage. Whether you are a retailer, a corporation, or a hospitality driven business, signage is extremely important because it is the face of your business. Additionally, consistent signage becomes especially important for a company that has real estate and visible branding across the world.

Over the past 20 years, Colite has had the pleasure of working with some of the most well-known companies specializing in brand strategy such as: Interbrand, Futurebrand, and Lippincott. To these experts, who are designing the total experience for corporations, employees, and customers, signage is a critical component of the total re-imaging of the company.

When Colite is sourced for a new rebranding project, we are excited because we are introduced to their new brand and signage concepts from the beginning. In many cases, this introduction is mutually beneficial to our clients and to us for the following reasons:

  • A trusted partner – Colite becomes very familiar with the new brand and the expectation and meaning behind every application.
  • Consistent branding worldwide – We are able to evaluate if the new branding will be properly displayed on all types of signage. In the case there is room for improvement, we have the opportunity to make recommendations to this effect early in the process.
  • Cost-Savings – We have the ability to provide expertise in logistics for international projects with our established manufacturing partnerships strategically located around the world. We can provide savings to our customer by reducing material waste and shipping/import duty costs without compromising the quality of effectiveness of the brand application.
  • Value-Engineering – Recommending slight design changes or materials to allow for a more cost effective product.

Being a part of great rebranding projects such as: American Airlines, Exelis, and Thomson Reuters, to name a few, are attributed to our long-standing relationships and experience we have with some of the best branding companies in the industry. These companies decide the “rules in which a logo exists and lives in space.” Our relationships and projects with branding companies have been successful because we feel as passionate about our client’s brands as they do and are proud to be able to make part of their branding vision come to life.