Hospitality Signage

We serve the world’s most recognized brands in the hospitality industry, including resorts and hotels in major cities across the globe. Learn more about the details and quality of the signage programs we implement for them and how we help them enhance the customer experience.

Through Colite Next, our research and development division, we are creating smarter solutions to our clients’ challenges. We’re helping hotels upgrade their guests’ experience with specialty vending services. Were facilitating their switch to renewable energy with off-grid lighting solutions that eliminate the need for traditional wiring while also providing opportunities for unique signage.

In a variety of ways, we’re thinking ahead to help our clients prepare for tomorrow. Learn more about the details and quality of the signage programs we implement and how we help our hospitality clients enhance the customer experience.

Colite provides various types of signage including:

  • Illuminated & Non-Illuminated
  • Exterior/Building Letterset(s)
  • Interior Lobby, Custom, and Restaurant Letterset(s)
  • Monument(s)
  • Pylon(s) and Directional Panel(s)
  • Vinyl application(s)
  • Hi-Rise and Highway Signage

Additionally, we are proud to introduce Colite Convenience!

Colite Convenience is a great way to both enhance your customers hotel experience and bring you additional revenue, by adding branded, advanced vending technology.

We offer the following:

  • High demand travel toiletries
  • Over-the-counter medicines
  • Electronic necessities, such as phone chargers and ear buds
  • Credit/Debit Card, Apple Pay and the ability to accept hotel key cards
  • No cost to you and you get 20% of all revenue