Colite Turbines

Colite Turbine Technology combines renewable energy and signage for an off-grid lighting solution that helps companies reduce their carbon footprint while saving on energy costs.

 A unique hybrid of wind and solar power, each light combines a vertical axis turbine, solar photovoltaic panel and high-output LED light fixture. The result is a highly reliable off-grid lighting solution for parking lots, pathways, business parks and public areas, with the added benefit of Colite’s custom signage.

Colite Turbine Technology for business:

  • Federal tax credits at 30% federal and 15% to 25% for state
  • No expensive trenching to bury power lines or deteriorating power lines
  • Visible sign of your environmental stewardship

So you eliminate infrastructure. Say hello to off-grid flexibility and goodbye to monthly utility bills. Enhance your facility with attractive branding. All while putting your company in the best light possible as a leader in green energy.

Learn more about our turbine technology and how it can benefit your company. Call Kevin McNerney at 803-935.9044 for a demonstration.