Colite Cloud

Colite Cloud Sign Sentinel is an innovative cloud based system that makes it easy for customers to monitor, modify and maintain their signs in real time, from anywhere in the world.

Know immediately when one sign loses power. Adjust for an early sunset in Manhattan and a rainy day in Charlotte, North Carolina. Monitor how much power your signage is using to create accurate budgets.

Sign Sentinel is a device that attaches to each sign at every location to enable real-time monitoring. It uses Wi-Fi or a cellular network to provide secure access to an easy-to-use dashboard so you can see every sign in your program.

Monitor, modify and maintain with Sign Sentinel:

  • Keep your system operating at maximum efficiency at all times
  • Intelligently adjust your signs in remote locations to reflect extended hours and more
  • Power save option can bring electrical savings of 25% to 50%.

Learn more about how Colite Cloud’s Sign Sentinel can benefit your company. Call Kevin McNerney at 803-935.9044 for a demonstration.