Victoria’s Secret Victoria's Secret

When creating signage for one of the world’s most powerful brands in beauty, every detail must be perfect. When Victoria’s Secret expanded into airports and malls worldwide, we created perfectly color matched, seamlessly mounted signage through our Signature LED illuminated lettersets.


Deliver perfect signage for Victoria’s Secret Beauty and Accessories international launch.


  • Worked through international inconsistencies in color, mounting, and power supplies.
  • Created dual language signage in many countries.
  • Assembled a large full-time team (in-house design, AutoCAD techs, Project Managers) dedicated solely to L Brands and their individual brands to work with designers and contractors.
  • Perfected color matching with three rounds of prototypes to deliver the perfect “Touch of Pink” color.
  • Created elegance using Signature LEDs for illuminated lettersets.
  • Provided seamless mounting through signature LED’s “click” system.