Old Navy Introducing Old Navy to a new market with tailor-made signage.

Colite’s success with Gap’s retail stores in China led to our work with their Old Navy brand in four stores stateside and ten in China. We designed, prototyped, fabricated and installed up to 15 interior signs per store. We tackled varying site conditions, tight timelines and zero hour on-site adjustments to help Old Navy make a strong, successful debut in this new market.


Help Old Navy make a successful debut in a new market by meeting their tight deadlines for turnkey signage at existing sites and newly constructed stores.


  • Met Old Navy’s need for heavy signage – on average 15 large interior signs per store mounted to walls, ceilings and over elevator corridors – on a tight timeline.
  • Conducted rounds of prototypes for store designer’s approvals, implementing changes up to the day of store openings.
  • Adapted signage to varying site conditions at existing stores, making last minute adjustments to installation and mountings on-site, only hours before scheduled store openings.
  • Created standardized sign packages for new upcoming stores, streamlining design and fabrication for maximum efficiency.
  • Colite’s strong presence in China helped Old Navy make a successful debut in a new market.