Gap Operating five primary brands: Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy and Athleta

As Gap’s popularity in China grew, so did their need for quality control and consistency in their signage. Due to cultural sensitivities in Hong Kong, they also needed a new design to replace the Gap blue in that city’s stores. We managed the project from Shanghai, kept designers and architects in the loop with constant communication, implemented rigorous quality control processes and developed a new standardized sign family including a new prototype for Hong Kong.


Create and maintain regular communications between designers and architectural staff and strict adherence to quality control standards across the board.


  • Established one point of contact on-site in Shanghai to ensure constant and accurate communications between sign designers and architects.
  • Held planning meetings on location in China to successfully orchestrate Gap’s new design concepts for upcoming stores.
  • Created a new prototype in stainless, rather than blue, for Gap’s Hong Kong stores to offset issues of cultural sensitivity in the area.
  • Created a sign family to standardize all of Gap’s signage elements and provide consistent pricing.
  • Implemented rigorous quality control processes to ensure correct branding across the board.
  • Provided sustainable options for interior signage