As the COVID-19 situation continues to spread and escalate around the world, we wanted to take a moment to update all of our stakeholders on our abilities to perform the necessary functions to fulfill our obligations.  Also, and most importantly, our employees, our global partners, and customers are in our thoughts and prayers during this challenging time. We appreciate your continued partnership and will continue to update you as necessary.


Colite Management, Project Management and Design Services are working remotely.  Since 2016, Colite has invested in the latest technology in order to effectively work from anywhere in the world.  We have been able to effectively use mobile and cloud based technology to continue our operations efficiently with our employees being to work safely away from the office. Those who must be in the office have been able to do so safely by working in accordance with suggestions given by the CDC and our state and local governments.

We are effectively working with our vendors, Local Partners and our Global Partners to ensure our customer’s needs continue to be met on a global basis.


Our manufacturing center at our headquarters in Columbia, SC continues to be operational and is working to get your product to you as safely and quickly as possible. 

We have maintained communication with our employees and have implemented the following procedures in our facilities:

  1. We have limited the number of outside visitors as much as possible.
  2. Excused employee absences for childcare requirements as schools are canceled.
  3. All exterior doors are locked and visitors must phone in order to gain access.
  4. Additional cleaning of common areas (kitchen, meeting rooms, etc.) machinery and computer terminals if shared.
  5. Limited sharing of tools and cleaning of tools if shared.

Currently, we have experienced NO delays in manufacturing in our shipments from our facility in Columbia, South Carolina

International Manufacturing

Our global manufacturing network is one of our greatest assets and it continues to be operational and able to handle the international scope of our projects. Every day brings more challenges and we are experiencing some delays as COVID-19 restrictions have become more common.  We are working with our customers on any delays.

Project Management & Field Operations

Our project management team has been in direct communication with our partners and local service providers to make certain that the resources we need for upcoming projects are available, and if not, that we are able to prepare for contingencies. Should alternative resources be available, the Colite project management team will notify you if/when this occurs.

Our design & engineering team has been able to work in our offices utilizing the various software that they use to continue to deliver drawings as needed.


Permits & Approvals

Some city and county offices are currently closed and may affect our ability to stay on schedule with a limited number of projects.  Obviously,  the process will also be affected by specific regulations and guidelines limiting face to face contact with most municipalities.

As mentioned earlier, your Project Manager will explain the risks associated with any steps that we might take as best we know them, but please understand that these are unique circumstances and we can only assess risks based on the facts as we understand them and that those facts are subject to change.


As of today, our supply chain and logistics have not experienced shortages or challenges with the movement of shipments and are monitoring and reporting to us daily on the status of shipments, logistics and supply chain as a whole.

Colite Cares: The Co-Vantage you have with Colite

We truly value our customers and want you to know that we highly value you and your opinion.  As the situation continues to evolve and as Colite learns more about our new normal, please know that we are doing our best to monitor the situation and are continuing to be proactive in our adjustments to operations.  We appreciate your continued patience, understanding and ask that you communicate your concerns so they can be addressed as quickly as possible.